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Gerta Vrbova

Arrived in Britain:
Place of Birth:
Sept 1959
Mode of Arrival:
Escaped from communist Czecholovakia, walked through the mountains to Poland and then went to Denmark

Interview Summary:

When deportations started in 1942, went to Budapest with forged papers (Tkacs,  Eva), denounced and taken to detention camp (1943). Uncle managed to get them out and they continued to live in Budapest. Spring 1944 father was caught and dent to work camp and mother and Gerta went back to Slovakia with an another identity (Jurkovics, Eva). Lived in Bratislava. Met Rudi Vraba who told her about Auschwitz (summer 1944). After uprising, Germans rounded up all the Jews and took them to the Gestapo headquarters (Edlova 6). Gerta escaped and jumped from window. Her mother stayed. Gerta contacted her former employer and he took her to the house until she organised new forged papers. Walked back to Hungary (to find her father) and lived through the siege of Budapest. Helped by organisations who helped fascists go into hiding. 


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