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Gina Gerson

Arrived in Britain:
Place of Birth:
12 January 1939
Travelled alone by train
Mode of Arrival:

Gina Gerson was born Gina Bauer in Vienna in 1924. She came from a typical middle class Jewish family. She has a half sister from her mother’s first marriage. She never wanted for anything and was a very cherished and over protected only child of her mother’s second marriage. Her parents were both Austrian citizens, born in Austria and her father was actually born in Przemysl, a small town in Poland, part of the Austrian empire. Her mother was second generation of the Viennese Jews and considered herself Viennese then Austrian. Though she was aware of it, being Jewish didn’t play a very big part in our lives. The family was very assimilated. 

I find myself towards the end of my life, being very frightened again, very worried. Not just for my family but for the world. I shall go to my grave not understanding that people can look down or up to anyone else. I can only acknowledge one race, and that is the human race.


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