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Maria Lidka

Arrived in Britain:
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Jan. 1934
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Maria Lidka, nee Marianne Liedke, was born 1914 in Berlin. She left the gymnasium in 1930 to study the violin. She came to the UK in 1934 as a student. 

She later changed her name to Maria Lidka and became a well known violinist. She was part of a Czech trio and played frequently in the lunchtime concerts organised by Myra Hess. She lived in London and had two sons.

The Russians had this Revolution, and of course a lot of people had to leave, and he came. He was called Maxim Shapiro. Very fine pianist. And my father paid for his concerts in Berlin. To give him a chance. But he came to us regularly, so we had a lot of music. We had so-called musical evenings, you know where there were about 20 people or more and then somebody played. I think I also played later on. This Russian friend said, ‘You must be a violinist.’ I was thrilled. My mother said, ‘You want that?’ I said, ‘Of course I want that.’ I was 14 or 15. So I was taken out of school, from one day to another. My father was amazing in that respect. He said, ‘And the best teacher.’


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