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Renate Treitel

Arrived in Britain:
Place of Birth:
August 1936

Interview Summary:

And when we got to Holland my father didn’t stay long. He went to London and got us a room in a boarding house. Rooms for us. And started his new job. And we stayed and had a holiday in- And on by birthday went in a toy shop. I wanted a kite. They were up in the ceiling. But I was told I’d be better off with a doll. So I got a celluloid doll. And in England when I washed my hair I also washed my doll and then we both dried in front of the gas fire and the doll went on- in flames. So it lasted about a year, that doll.


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RT: With husband Kurt on their wedding day, London 1955. "And in that picture you can see starting on the left you can see my father’s brother Gunter, my father’s father Theo, his sister Cecilia. And standing on the- flanking my mother are her parents, Lotta and Leo. And then along comes Flora who is my father’s grandmother and two other relatives of my parents from Manchester."