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Rudolf Goldberg

Arrived in Britain:
Place of Birth:
Beginning July 1939
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Interview Summary:

Rudolf Goldberg was brought up in Ratibor, Upper Silesia. His father and grandfather ran a pub and distillery. His mother’s father was a timber merchant in Beuthen. His parents sent him on the Kindertransport at the end of June 1939. He arrived at the beginning of July 1939. He worked as a farm labourer. He joined the Jewish Brigade towards the end of the war. He visited Bergen-Belsen with the Jewish Brigade in 1946. The fate of his parents is unknown. He is married to an Irish Catholic. 

We’d come back to England, after the Jewish Brigade was dissolved, and I chose to join the Hampshires . The option came up to have a job as an interpreter. I went to London to do the interpreter’s test. Obviously I passed. And I worked then for the next year or two in German prisoner of war camps as a staff sergeant interpreter!


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