Several trains went from Szeged and they all went to Auschwitz and all these terrible places of extermination. But some, there was some mix-up with our train, and by mistake our train went to Strasshof to this distribution centre. We were supposed to go to Auschwitz but we didn’t, and that saved our life. Because most of the people, all the Jews in Szeged they were- they were all exterminated except the people on our train.

My mother had a manicure set. And she was doing manicuring for other people in the camp. And they gave a little bit of their- their stew, vegetable stew. A little bit extra for her, for doing the nails of these people. These are silly things that I remember. Not the- not the serious things.

And then we had to leave this camp because I think the Russians were advancing. So their- the- the Austrians or Germans, I don’t know who were looking after the camp, were moving us all the time to- towards Theresienstadt. And I remember walking quite a lot. And it was winter and cold. And I remember walking through woods and there were planes coming and dropping bombs. And I remember that we had to lie down. And my mother put her head over my head. And she said, “If we have to die, then we have to die together.” That’s another little thing that I remember.