Columbus Street Camp

All of a sudden a lorry comes, and we are told to get in. So we get on this lorry -about sixty people - the Bernstein’s and ourselves, and the lorry drives out. There- there is- there are no gendarmes on the lorry. There is an SS. And we are going. And we realise that we are going into town, not away from town, into town. I mean, even as a child I could recognise the buildings and- and, you know, and I knew, I mean, I’d been there before- not all the way to Budakalász, but I’d been on- on- on that side. We are going into town. Next thing we know we arrive at a building which I also knew. It was the Jewish Deaf and Dumb Institute. And we go into the back entrance and there are hundreds of people there. And we got off of this- this- this lorry. And they say- they say- we are being welcomed, and how nice, and you know, “congratulations you are here” and- and- and we are fed. That was the camp established by Kasztner, with, I mean, not by Kasztner in the sense, just as an individual, by the Zionist Defence League, by the Va’ad. And they collaborated with Eichmann, in removing people of their choice from the camps. So we had people there from all over the country.


@ AJR Refugee Voices 2020

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