Personal Interaction with Hitler

I heard school children shouting from the quay ‘Wir wollen unseren Führer sehen’, ‘Hitler is coming’. So up we went. Hanging over the railing, there was the gangway, with SS both sides. I could not have missed him if I’d had a brick in my pocket, never mind about a revolver. I couldn’t do anything about it. He was there to congratulate the crew who'd rescued a Norwegian ship in the Atlantic. I have dined out on that story. I call it a chance in a lifetime. And there was the mother of a former pupil of mine. When I told them the story, not very long ago, she said: ‘Would you have done it?’ How do I know? I felt it so strongly, I could hit him. But I couldn’t. If I had, I would have been shot on the spot. But a few million would have survived. I would have killed him if I could. I felt at the time I wish I could. & that was quite early. When some Germans they say they didn’t know there were concentration camps. Well of course we knew.