Post WW2 Hungarian Refugee

Yes, well, for- for five years we didn’t see each other at all. She [her mother] couldn’t travel and I couldn’t travel. And… So I made phone calls through an operator [laughing] every so often. And I do admire my mother who was very difficult, actually. But when it came to the crunch, she just, she just let me- let me go. And she never reproached me for it. So she really done the maximum any mother can do, because she could have been entitled to hang on to me, because she had nobody else. But she didn’t. So I- I have to pay tribute to her…

[Escaping from Communist Hungary] And then… paid some Hungarian peasants who took us so far. And then we went on our… own. The interesting thing about that crossing, very deep snow, very cold, that I was laughing all the way through…whilst I was cross- whilst I was crossing. I couldn’t stop laughing. So it must be a nervous reaction.


@ AJR Refugee Voices 2020

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