Ernst Mitchell

Ernst Mitchell, born Ernst Schampanier in Breslau 1908 was deported in 1942 from Berlin. He worked for ‘Organisation Todt’ in Nittau (until December 1942).  Then he was sent to the Ghetto hospital in Riga.  From there he was sent to the Kaiserwald concentration camp and worked in a dental laboratory outside the camp.  When the Russian Army came nearer prisoners were moved to Stutthof.  He worked in a Stuttfof side camp, in a shipbuilding yard. He was liberated by the Russian Army and came to the UK in 1948 to join his sister. His father was a Cantor in a synagogue but all his life he was very active in the Anthroposophical Community and not at all involved with the refugee community in the UK. He was very critical of the ‘German-Jewish bourgeoisie’ and was very involved in the ‘International Friendship League’ (who sent parcels to Germany after the war) and the Red Cross.  


Key Words: Breslau. Kaiserwald. Stutthof. Anthroposophy.


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