Harry Gilbert

Harry Gilbert was born in Stargard, Pomerania in May 1924. He spent his childhood in Magdeburg then Berlin. His father had a feed business, and later became a rep for other firms. He went to synagogue only on important occasions. When his parents’ marriage failed, Harry and his elder brother lived with their mother. he left school aged 14 and worked as a delivery boy. Harry and his mother left for Manchester on her Domestic permit in April 1939 (his brother went to Israel 1936; father was sent to Theresienstadt where last news was Oct 1942). Harry worked in a hotel kitchen in Manchester until he was sent to Huyton as enemy alien circa June 1940 and then on the HMT Dunera to Australia. He spent 18 months in Hay then Tatura camps. Returned to UK where did war-work, in an aircraft factory mostly, until 1944 when he was able to join up (Suffolk regiment then Royal Scots). He fought in Belgium and took part in the Rhine crossing and Reichswald battle, then he was in the front line overland as far as Celle. He visited Berlin to see if he could find any family members without success. He stayed in Germany with the army until 1948 doing interviewing as part of War Crimes Investigation Unit. Upon return to UK he held several jobs but was always taking evening classes at night and became a qualified accountant in 1957. 


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