Rudolph Sabor

Rudolph Sabor, nee Rudolf Cohn, was born 1914 in Berlin. His father owned the ‘Rosa Lindenbaum’ Ladies Hat shop. Rudolph went to the Prinz Heinrich Gymnasium and later trained to be a teacher at the Juedische Lehrbildungsanstalt (1934-1936). He worked as a teacher at the Auguststrasse School (1934-1936). While his parents and his brother had emigrated to South Africa, he decided to stay in Germany. His future wife came to the UK early in 1939 and arranged a visa for him. He arrived in the UK on the 1. August 1939. He was interned in the Lingfield Race Course and in York for six months. He later became a music teacher, writer, and lecturer and is an eminent Wagner scholar. He lives near London and has two children. 


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