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Bea Green

Arrived in Britain:
Place of Birth:
29 June 1939
Mode of Arrival:

Bea Green, originally named Maria Beatha Siegel was born in Munich in 1925.  She grew up in a Jewish Liberal family in the Bogenhausen district.  Started her education at Gebele Schule then two years in the Jewish school, and later went on to Sankt Anna Lyzeum.


Bea left Munich on the Kindertransport on June 1939; her brother immigrated to England on an adult visa a couple of months before, while her parents escaped to Peru. In England Bea lived with her guardians in Winchester.  Later she was sent to a boarding school in Wales which was evacuated during the war.   After university she trained as a translator, had an impressive career as a lecturer, film subtitle and later as a magistrate.


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