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Direct extracts from interviews

Selma van de Perre

Selma van de Perre

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Fanny Pine remembers the hostel for young male concentration camp survivors she ran with her husband postwar on Manchester's Northumberland Street

Selma van de Perre

Leslie Brent listens to his 13-year-old self being interviewed by the BBC

The impact of Nazism

Margaret Simmons recalls internment in Port Erin, Isle of Man

Arieh Handler recalls being present at the Israeli Declaration of Independence

Gina Gerson recalls no one coming to her party in Vienna after the Anschluss

Otto Deutsch recalls the wording of the Anschluss radio announcement

Bowls from Bergen-Belsen

Survival in Auschwitz

Surviving Selections in Auschwitz

Arriving in Auschwitz

Ruth Danson on Bunce Court School

Lili Pohlmann remembers her childhood in Krakow

Liberation from Lichterwarden Concentration Camp

Rabbi Harry Jacobi recalls his time on the SS Bodegraven

Eva Clarke discusses her birth at the gates of Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Ernst Flesch recalls seeing Hitler parading through Vienna

Peter Pulzer: post-Anschluss warning from parents

Bearing witness for survivors

Having to buy your own yellow star

Auschwitz tattoo

Joseph Horowitz on his music

Otto Deutsch on Kristallnacht in Vienna

Proud to be part of the Dutch Resistance

Two interviewees recall personal interactions with Hitler

Ursula Gilbert recalls her sadness on VE Day

Lili Pollock recalls seeing Hitler in a Anschluss parade and how jubilant Austrians changed overnight

Otto Deutsch recalls hearing the crackling radio announcement of the Anschluss as a child

One big dark place

Life in Auschwitz

Choices in Auschwitz