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Two Minutes Silence

TWO MINUTES SILENCE was created for Holocaust Memorial Day 2024 on the 85th anniversary of the Kindertransport. It shows what is normally hidden: silences filmed at the end of fifteen interviews with Kinder refugees. We made it in tribute to the courage of the parents who sent their children on the Kindertransport to Britain.

See images of many of the parents named in the film here.

Director/Editor: Dr Bea Lewkowicz

Camera: Frank Battersby

Music: Julian Dawes

Parent Photos

IR: Mother Elise

KM: Mother Irma Marx

VS: Eugen Löwy, officer in the Habsburg Army in WW I

RK: Studio photograph of father Josef Kirchheimer, ca1936. "It’s the last, and only good one I have of him."

HB: Father Michael Bibring, Vienna, 1922

FS: Freddy’s father Willy Stern, 1930s

RT: Father Julius, Berlin, 1938

WK: Parents Marie & Maximilian Kammerling

LL: Mother Ida Blum, Teplice-Šanov

VS: Mother Elsa when she was a medical student at Heidelberg University

KM: Father Siegmund Marx

HW: With parents Edith & Max, ca 1939

FS: Parents Doctor Richard Steiner and Paula Steiner (neé Leiter), on their engagement, Vienna, March 1918

RT: Mother Grete, Berlin, 1938

HJ: Harry with mother Margarete Hirschberg

LL: With her father Pawel Blum ca. 1935

RK: Mother Hedwig with RK and his brother Frank, Hanover, 1925

HB: Mother Lea Bibring, Vienna, 1922

DD: Mother Minna Westreich, Gotha

OH: Mother and Father Elizabeth Grünberg and Isaak Hutter, possibly at the time of their engagement, ca1917

ER: Father Schapse, mother Mina, two brothers & Erich, Sbonszyn, May 1939

parent photos
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