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Ludwik Finkelstein

Arrived in Britain:
Place of Birth:
September 1947
Arrived post-war with Polish Army, Military Department
Mode of Arrival:

Ludwik Finkelstein was born 1929 in Lwow (Lemberg). His father was a co-owner of a wholesale Iron and Steel factory (‘Finkelstein and Fehl’). In 1941 he and his mother were deported by the Russians to Kazakstan. He describes in vivid detail the difficulties of this internment in a remote place with very harsh conditions. In 1941 they were released and reunited with his father who had joined the Polish Exile Army in Uzbekestian. After following the Polish Exile Army to Iran, his father was posted to Tel Aviv (1943-1947), where Ludwik attended the Polish gymnasium. In 1947 the family came to the UK, where Ludwik Finkelstein studied physics, applied mathematics, and engineering. He later became a Professor at the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at City University in London.


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