Mode of Arrival:

Ruth Price (nee Schulvater) was born in Berlin 1924. Her father took over the grandfather’s furniture business - and also worked as an architect. Her mother was a secretary. Ruth attended Mittelschule der judischen Gemeinde, Grosse Hamburgerstr. Her family barely practised, but Ruth joined a Zionist youth group. She met men coming off train who’d been released from concentration camps. She was sent on the Kindertransport to UK, June 1939, travelling from Berlin to Hamburg by train where she boarded the SS Washington, an American ship destined for New York which stopped off first at Le Harve and then at Southampton where Ruth disembarked. She remembers being distressed at the sight of a four-month-old baby on board the ship left by its parents with carers. Accommodation was found for her in Birmingham by a Quaker woman & C of E vicar. She attended Edgbaston High School then worked as a children’s nurse, then nursery nurse. After the war, she taught for 30 years. She married a gentile – also a teacher. Her parents are thought to have died in Auschwitz.

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