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Abraham Feldman

Arrived in Britain:
Place of Birth:
December 1934
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Dr Rosalyn Livshin

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Interview Summary:

Abraham (Abe) Feldman was born in Leipzig in 1926. His father was Rabbi David Feldman, who was born in Tolno in the Ukraine and was appointed Rabbi of the Brodde Community in Leipzig in 1910. Abe’s mother, Golda, was born in Novoselice, Czechoslovakia and had two sisters and one brother.


Abe was the youngest of three sons with 17 years between him and his oldest brother Moshe. The family lived in Gustav Adolph Strasse and later in Humboldt Strasse, and Abe attended the Carlebach School.


Abe was aware of an atmosphere of fear when the Nazis came to power. In 1934 his father was offered the position of Rabbi of a Jewish Comminity in Manchester called "Machzikei Hadass". In December of that year the family travelled to Czechoslovakia to visit their maternal grandparents, and then continued on to England. Samuel, the middle brother, was left in "Heide Yeshivah" near Antwerp. 


Rabbi Feldman became a key member of the Manchester Community and the house was always busy with visitors. Abe attended the Crecian Street School, Salford Grammar School, and Rosenbaum’s Cheder in the Northumberland Street Shul. Later he attended Manchester University to study science. After his degree, he went into the textile business with his brothers.


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The message I would leave to people, ‘Get the information [about family history] whilst you can because when it’s too late, then you can’t get it’. However much research you do you just can’t get this information. I’m trying to trace my father’s family. I presume there must be some around somewhere. I didn’t ask enough questions.

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