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Arnold Weinberg

Arrived in Britain:
Place of Birth:
Early June 1939
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Dr Rosalyn Livshin

Date of Interview:

Interview Summary:

Arnold Weinberg was born in 1924 in Fulda, Germany. He attended the Jewish School there, where he learnt English, Hebrew and French. After he finished school, Arnold attended the Yeshivah in Fulda. 


Arnold’s parents came from Orthodox German families. His father was in business and had served in World War One. He moved from the little village of his birth to Fulda, the nearest larger town. Arnold had two older siblings: Harry, born 1914 and Millie, born 1915; both emigrated before the war and


Arnold was arrested after Kristallnacht but his mother successfully pleaded for his release before he was taken to a concentration camp. His parents subsequently secured a place for him at the Manchester Yeshivah, and Arnold travelled with a Kindertransport from Frankfurt to Manchester in June 1939. He stayed at the Yeshivah for three months and then found a job as a machinist of raincoats. He worked in different machinist jobs during the war. The refugee committee supplemented his wage.


In May 1940 Arnold was interned for a few months in different places including Wharf Mill, York racecourse and Peel Camp on the Isle of Man. After internment he resumed his machinist jobs.


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As time goes on, the memory of those days and the importance of it will dim with time and this programme [Refugee Voices] will help to keep it in people’s minds

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