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Eva Evans

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Eva Evans was born on 9 March 1924 in Berlin to a non-religious/secular family. She started studying  at Cäcilien Schule, and in 1938 left for the Jewish Lessler Schule. 

Eva left Germany with all of her family in December 1938. At first they lived in Swiss Cottage, and Eva attended Camden School for girls. After a year later they left for Devonshire, and later they settled in North Devon. When the war broke out her father was interned, and Eva herself served in the National Fire Service. 


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When things got bad and my father was not allowed to work anymore, a German doctor was put into our surgery in a bigger part. Our flat was divided. We had to live at the back and this other doctor had the surgery in the front. My father had to come up the back stairs which was such an indignity for him. He took it all in his stride and made no preparations to emigrate whatsoever.

As regards leaving Germany, it’s a question of language. After that my earliest hope of being a writer – that finished. I never felt that I could write in English the way I could have done in German. But then I put that aside. I’ve been happy to have all these different experiences.

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