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Nurse for the Tehran Children

It was a fantastic voyage [on the British ship with the Tehran Children], surrounded by the royal navy all the way round. This was a ship called Ascheinius which belonged to a Liverpool, they were not passenger liner ships, they only took some passengers. I think about 20 or 25 or…It was a big ship, quite a big ship, but not a passenger one. So most of the passengers, most of the people were housed in the hold but made very, very comfortable. And allowed during the day on decks for fresh air. They had lots of entertainment and all the rest of it. And to come to think of it that was October, November ’43. The Final Solution was in full spring in Europe and these people were enjoying a beautiful voyage, surrounded by the royal navy, in a comfortable ship, being fed like kings and queens and really wonderful food, and all the older ones and the less well off, less well healthy, were housed in comfortable cabins. And ate with the captains and the officers and everybody and treated like VIPs.

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