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Remembering & Rethinking

Episode OneThe Journey
00:00 / 29:34
Episode ThreeThe Decision Makers
00:00 / 01:04
Episode FiveDovercourt
00:00 / 01:04
Episode SevenIdentity
00:00 / 01:04
Episode NineTwenty-five Words
00:00 / 01:04
Episode TwoWhat Was Left Behind
00:00 / 28:03
Episode FourFirst Impressions
00:00 / 01:04
Episode SixAgainst the Backdrop of War
00:00 / 01:04
Episode EightEnemy Aliens
00:00 / 01:04
Episode TenLegacies
00:00 / 01:04

This podcast explores one specific strand of the Jewish refugee experience — the Kindertransport. This rescue effort began on the 1st December 1938 and lasted until the outbreak of war in September 1939. Nearly 10,000 children, mostly from Germany and Austria, were sent by their parents to safety in England. We use testimony extracts from the AJR Refugee Voices Archive to examine the Kindertransport from first-hand sources, to try to better understand this historical event in its depth and complexity – both for its own sake and also in the hopes of informing our understanding of refugee policies today. 


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The Kindertransport podcast is produced by Alex Maws.

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