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Newsletter #2

We have started working with the British Board of Deputies, whose Hidden Treasures project launched this week. This initiative celebrates and showcases the very best items from archives across the UK that tell the story of Jews and their experiences in Britain.

We will have items from the archive featured in this project, and we are very proud that interviewee Kurt Marx's Kindertransport travel document is featured on the Hidden Treasures site homepage.

Another treasure we've contributed to the project is this image of of centenarian Alice Fraser, who came to the UK on a domestic visa and experienced internment on the Isle of Man, holding her German passport:

Hidden Treasures will have an online Zoom launch event this coming Sunday, July 16, from 6-7.15pm, hosted by the Board of Deputies with a fascinating lineup. Please see more information about this event here.

This week we were sorry to hear of the death of our interviewee Gertraud Murray, who left Vienna on a very early Kindertransport to Holland in 1938 and came to England with her mother in 1939.

We looked at letters written to Kindertransportee Ursula Gilbert in London from her family in Berlin. This week's AJR podcast features letters and Red Cross messages sent by our interviewees and their families. You can listen to the podcast here:

Also on social media we featured the UK school experiences of three interviewees who attended different wartime schools catering to refugees, Bunce Court, Stoatley Rough and Schindler's, aka Regent's Park schools. Our interviewees have fond memories of these often-eccentric-sounding establishments, and we enjoyed reading their school testimonies:

We looked at Hanna Hemingway's incredible photos of life in Vittel camp in France, where she and her family were imprisoned for being British citizens.

And we loved this photo of Gustav Botkai posing next to his family's first car in Budapest in 1939:


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