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Social Media Highlights April 27- May 1

This week we celebrated the birthday of Eva Clarke, born on April 29, 1945 outside the gates of Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Austria:

We commemorated the signing of the Israeli Declaration of Independence by featuring the testimony of Arieh Handler, who was present at the signing:

We featured a poem written by Eve Gill's Aunt Lisi just before Eve left Vienna on a Kindertransport:

And we discovered from our follower Jon Hughes, an academic at Royal Holloway University of London, that Norbert Barrett's acrobat father Ludwig Jacob Baumgarten was interned on the Isle of Man during World War One with Joseph Pilates, founder of the exercise system. Norbert himself was interned on the Isle of Man during World War Two. Click on the comments below the tweet to read Jon's additional information:

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