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Weekly Round Up August 20th

This week we returned from our two-week break with Inge Ader's picture of her first day of school with her Schultüte:

We have several pictures of interviewees with their Schultüten and will launch a small online exhibition of these photos in September.

Last week marked the 75th anniversary of the UK arrival of the child survivors known as 'The Boys' (though 200 were girls). Our interviewees Joanna Millan & Jackie Young were among them. Jackie follows us on Twitter and it's always great to interact with him!

On August 4th we interviewed 98-year-old Dutch resistance fighter & Ravensbrück survivor Selma van de Perre, and shared some lovely photos of our socially-distant garden interview:

This week the Association of Jewish Refugee's Kindertransport podcast came to an end with reflections on long-term impacts and a discussion featuring Barbara Winton. The podcast, hosted by the AJR's Alex Maws and featuring interviews from our archive, can be heard here. We illustrated our post with a photo of Leslie Brent on the first Kindertransport.



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