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Weekly Round Up, July 30th

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, alongside many other accounts relating to Jewish history and experience, we observed a silence on social media to mark our discomfort with antisemitic posts on Twitter and Instagram and the amount of time it took for social media companies to take action. When we returned on Wednesday we were reminded once more that the hard-won wisdom accrued by our interviewees has universal significance and importance. We featured these two quotes from interviewees Ernst Flesch and Klara Sharp that had a profound resonance for us at this time:

We were also sad to hear of the death of our interviewee Renate Treitel.

On Sunday August 2, Archive Director Dr Bea Lewkowicz and the AJR's Chairman Andrew Kaufman and CEO Michael Newman discussed the archive at a well-received event at South Hampstead Synagogue:

We were proud of another of our contributions to the Board of Deputies's Hidden Treasures project: this video extract of Ursula Gilbert speaking for so many of our interviewees about the impact Nazism had on her life:


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