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Weekly Round Up June 15

This week we commemorated the 80th anniversary of World War British refugee internment with a new Internment microsite. This features the experiences of interviewees who were interned in mainland Britain, the Isle of Man, Canada, Australia, Shanghai (Japanese internment) & North Africa.

We also created a short film on Internment. Here's a short clip; you can watch the whole film on our YouTube channel.

We learnt about 14-year-old Alexander Klein's daring solo escape from German to Belgium:

How 10-year-old Tom Jacobs was entrusted to the care of strangers for his train journey from Berlin to London:

Kindertransportee Gertrude Goldberg's experiences at a Sunderland primary school:

Dr Eva Blumenthal's experiences at primary school in Neasden:

We were reminded of the role of Black American soldiers as Holocaust camp liberators:

And we heard Simon Winston's words:


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