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Weekly Round Up, June 27

This week we discovered that two of our interviewees, Margaret Simmons and Edgar Feuchtwanger, had personal encounters with Hitler on two successive days in June 1934, just before the Röhm Purge, also known as the Night of the Long Knives.

Read Dr Bea Lewkowicz's post on this story here:

We looked at more interviewee internment experiences and were pleased to feature a portrait of our interviewee Klaus Hinrichsen painted by his fellow Hutchinson Camp internee Kurt Schwitters, a well-known German artist at odds with the Nazi regime whose work featured in the infamous Nazi 'Degenerate Art' exhibition:

We learned more about Japanese internment experiences in Shanghai by looking through the testimony of Klara Sharp, who has vivid recollections of life in pre and wartime Shanghai. We loved reading about her time as a nightclub croupier before war broke out in 1941:


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