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Weekly Round Up, September 10

This week archive Director Dr Bea Lewkowicz interviewed Selma van de Perre in a live Zoom event. They discussed her experiences and her extraordinary memoir 'My Name Is Selma', published this month by Penguin Books. You can read more about the book here.

Selma is an absolutely impressive speaker, whose character and intelligence shone through, and it felt like a privileged hour. The session will be available on our site in due course.

As schooling resumed across the UK we were drawn to this shocking photo of George Donath's Hungarian elementary school:

We were also confronted by the brutality encapsulated in this piece of Nazi documentation, a Terezin transport order for nine-month-old Jackie Young, who put it on social media:

Lillian Heyman's recollection of the healing power of returning to her old flat moved us:

11-year-old Ludwik Finkelstein's practical insights educated us:

And we were fascinated by issues of dolls and identity:


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