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We were fortunate; we had an Austrian engineer who was very good to us. Actually there were two of them supervising us, and every morning when we came to our benches when you pulled the drawer out for the tools we used to find a packet of sandwiches, every day in somebody else’s drawer the sandwiches were there from the two Austrian gentlemen. They were engineers, they were supervising, not only supervising, at the beginning they taught us what we had to do, but they were gentlemen, very, very few those years, but those two, every day we came into our benches and we pulled our drawer out to get the tools, every day somebody else had the sandwiches, for the two people, they were very, very good.

The 16 of us were in like an enclosed room, as big as this, there were 8 rows on each side and there were two tables to the workshops, two workshops to two boys at that time, and 16 of us in an enclosed place. The only thing that we had is open windows on top for the smell of the gas to go, the smell of the aluminium as well, we used to wear goggles and on some welding we used to have masks as well, on the faces, but the job, for me the job was easy because I was used to welding and I helped as many boys as I could with the welding, and they appreciated it.

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