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Bunce Court School

I had a very good English teacher. ...We were made to write essays gradually... and I became actually very good in that. So he remarked- On my first- On my reports it came out that I was very good. Because I actually started with my father wanting to know what I write about this week. He was terribly nice and being very involved with all this sort of thing. He had given me before I left a very- fairly big list of typed out books that I ought to know about and- or to read. That’s English as well as German, but mostly German. And of course at that age you don't take much notice of that. But I’ve still got that, or until recently I still- I don't know quite where but I still think I know where it is, that list. Anyway, so when I said that ‘Wormy’ had – ‘Wormy’ we called him... the... English teacher. Wormleighton was his name. ‘Wormy’ we called him. And... he gave me more and more and better and better results. And did my... finishing test... and finishing a report- When I had finished the exams, he remarked on every... every... title I chose was very, very good. So I was pleased and he was pleased.

I just did what I was told there and joined in the fun. And we had morning- early morning exercises in the streets outside. And... a lot of music was again- we had- We cleaned our own house. We didn’t have staff. That was a very good arrangement. She had two sisters, Anna Essinger, and they all worked there… When it comes to breakfast or any meal we sat around the tables. We had our hands where we touched each other. And that meant that that is now the beginning you know of the week- of the, of the meal. And there was a saying: And what was it - [Kinder liebt euch...?] Is that right? It’s near enough right. I've got it at home somewhere printed in... so many places….

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