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Sailed on the SS Manhattan

I have gained so many new impressions on the ship that I don't know what to describe. On the way we met a very nice lady travelling with the 'Manhattan' to America. We took a taxi with her to the United States Lines, where we spent over an hour. We had to get tickets, clear suitcases through customs, & unfortunately pay extra money for Mum. Then we had lunch.

At 6.30 we had to report back to the U.S.L. We waited there again for some time until a bus finally pulled up, carrying the blue-coated & jacketed guide & information provider. We were given our cabin number, B35 & took the elevator up to deck B. We were shown the room. Unfortunately it's an inside cabin & it's very hot, day & night. I leave the fan running but it makes a big noise. Today I don't remember the details exactly, but everything I hear & see here is sadly difficult to write.

On the first evening we went to the cinema. First Mickey Mouse, then Ice Follies with Joan Crawford - English of course. The last part - over half an hour - was an incredibly good colour film. I've already visited the gym, swimming pool, tennis court, children's room, shops, smoking room, dance hall - with jazz band. There are all sorts of hiding places. We have a telephone in the room. Elli Fein is also on board & is also going to Southampton. The doorbell rang this morning. I answered: “Hello? Good Morning! How do you do? Yes, at a quarter to ten let's meet in the dining room. Goodbye!

I was almost seasick yesterday, but I went on deck. The air worked wonders. I did recover, but I went all the way to the top & there was a huge storm. When I came down I had a big headache. So I took some Pyramidon & it also went away. So today we are in the port of Le Havre. I'll get off the ship with Mum if it doesn't cost anything. We have a 12 hour layover. Now it's 10 o'clock. The ship doesn't set off again until 10 o'clock in the evening. I'll drop this letter off in Le Havre before noon. I'm at the post office in Le Havre right now. Kisses.

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