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Czech Army in Exile

I hadn’t got a proper uniform but we managed. We went by train to Lime Street Station. On the way people were waving to us. They could see ‘Czechoslovakia’ not on me, but on the other uniforms. And that was fantastic.

I was given a hammock to sleep on, a great thing you know. Others slept on benches. 1st we were fighting to sit down, then we had something to eat & became the greatest of friends. We had no idea where we’re going. We sailed the Mediterranean. It was rather rough. I was given duty to be on guard. I don’t know what for. I felt seasick. I fell asleep. An officer found me & said: ‘Don’t do that again!’ Ah. I just joined the army, I don’t know what to do. He said ‘Never mind! You’re a man. You mustn’t give way to sea-sickness’. So I stood there with my gun. I had no idea about how to use it.

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