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AJR Refugee Voices Launch

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

On Thursday, November 7, 2019, the second phase of the AJR Refugee Voices project was launched at the Wiener Holocaust Library in London. This event celebrated the second tranche of interviews, and the launch of our website. To date we have interviewed 246 refugees and survivors and plan to interview many more.

Seven of our interviewees spoke at the launch: Jackie Young, Eve Willman, Lilian Levy, Kurt Marx, Bob and Ann Kirk, and Freddy Kosten. Also speaking were AJR Chief Executive Michael Newman, Archive Director Dr Bea Lewkowicz and Wiener Library Director Dr Toby Simpson. Lord Daniel Finkelstein and Tamara Finkelstein spoke about the experience of seeing their parents' interviews (Mirjam & Ludwik Finkelstein). Susanna Kleeman, Moses Seitler and Alex Maws spoke about using the archive for social media, academic research and podcasting.

Our thanks to everyone who spoke or came to support us.


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